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assault weapons. >> bill: cnn taking a bullish ban on controlling guns and ammo. they want that. big time. >> there are too many guns in this country. >> bill: we will tell you what is going on at cnn. >> joy for me. because i'm [inaudible] >> gutfeld, mcguirk on prince harry comparing combat in afghanistan to video games. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is hillary clinton the new barack obama in the eyes of the national media? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, i spend a lot of time analyzing media coverage of the political scene in this country. i do that because what the media reports shapes public opinion. and gives president obama, for example, a strong advantage in the national debate. not since john kennedy has the president received such soft coverage by the national press. and now they're even admitting it. >> the presence of obama even on the press corps. even on the people start behaving in ways juvenile and am murrish. >> of course you
, with an organization that cnn said in march of 2002 th are hiding information about usama bin laden that would be good for the united states. an organization that on the weekend has a regular, you know, like a jesus show except it's all about mohammed, where they are talking about oh, please, allah, give me the courage to stone the jews to death. i mean. >> bill: what's the name of that show? sticks and stones can break your bones i think. >> and al jazeera will kill you. >> bill: i have got to go. i heard one rumor i don't know whether you know it's true or not. al gore doesn't wear a flag lapel pin anymore. he wears lapel of an oil rig. >> i bet that man for the right price will wear anything on his lapel. >> bill: except a glenn beck button. >> thank you very much, bill. >> bill: beck, good to see you, man. lou dobbs on calling people who try to reform welfare racist. it's happened again. watters world looks at chaos on new year's eve. those reports up ahead. >> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight. as we reported earlier this week the data from the state of new york shows some welfare recipients a
for the media as well. jim, we had cnn's jim saying he had to pinch himself. al roker screamingo get the president's attention. what happened to reporting? >> don't forget chris matthews comparing it to the gettysburg address. i think that noah rothman summarized it very well. he said this is a tale of two inaugurals. in 2005, which is to say bush 43 second inaugural smead i can't sneers in 2013. media cheers. he could be alluding to the endless discussion of how great mrs. obama was dressing and kids and so on. how this was great. in contrast to the 2005 inaugural just 8 short years ago when the discussion was any money spent on the inaugural washo coming at the expense of the poor. when unemployment was a couple points lower than it is now. meanwhile the iraq war, et cetera, et cetera. mr. rothman completely nailed the sense of bias, i salute him in his efforts here. >> what about that kirsten? do reporters not have memories? [ laughter ] >> that's a loaded question. no, i think there is a little bit of a double standard here clearly. the economy is still in a bad can't say they ar
look at the line-up on one side, the liberal media you start with abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, pbs, msnbc, elite newspapers and one remaining news magazine. it doesn't stop anywhere. on the other side, talk radio, fox news. they can't stand the fact that they no longer have a monopol monopoly. it ought to be taken as a compliment. what i said about rupert murdock the genius is understanding and locating a niche audience in broadcast cable news. which is half the american people. half that suffered for decades by the fact you get news presented from a single perspective over and over again. finally, the fact that there is a new perspective, talk radio and fox, and they can't stand it. source of pride. >> do you -- [ inaudible ] "60 minutes"? >> probably not. softy. if you are the official paper in egypt and had interview like this with the president you would be embarrassed. >> you have corporate executives that look at the land scape of the american television and the response is what we need is network to the left of msnbc. so a gore created daunt is now al-jazeera. there is a really other worl
:00 a.m., cnn no, coverage found. >> dana: "miami herald" did run it. >> kimberly: they are doing their job. >> greg: i keep thinking all the time there is no way in heck i would run for office. when i see who is in office, i'm definitely qualified. >> eric: at what they are up to? >> kimberly: the good news is the main stream media says there shouldn't consideration of this whatsoever. coming up, why are high school students reciting the "pledge of allegiance" to american flag in arabic. some don't like it. the school's principal is not backing down. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: as the father of a high school student and proud american this hits home. kids in rocky mountain high school are allowed to say the "pledge of allegiance" to our flag, old glory, in arabic. over the school intercom system. principal tom lopez is standing by the decision. hang in there, bob. a lot of parents aren't happy. this is the feedback. >> most of them are generated at me, being a poor leader and a poor principle for allowing this un-amer
engineering. >> so far the response has been micked to say the least. on cnn, charles blow from something called "the new york times" called it black face with voices and adds barbara lipert went on" the today show" to claim that this is so racist. >> they are adorable. >> they really are. >> if you want to raise a raccoon, take notes. i grew up with one. hello to rocky. oh, he is deaf too. >> dye app, what do you -- diane, what do you think of this ad? racist, stupid or awesome? >> it is definitely not racist. the people calling it racist are a little of both of those things. first of all it is highlighting an accent which not all jamaican people are black. and it is highlighting the fact that jamaican people are known for being happy. how is it offensive? >> it is a positive at trough beaut. attribute. and it is saying, hey, they have a good -- what do you call it this it is a world view and everything is great. it is not like it is an insult. >> we are all focusing on the accent. is it a good ad? i thought it was a nothing burger. >> i think it is a good commercial, but -- >> it is rac
. it was a big day for the media as well. jim, we had cnn jim acosta saying he had to pinch himself. we saw al roker screaming to get the president's attention. what happened to reporting? >> don't forget chris mathews comparing it to the gettysburg address. i think that the media, some, some summarized it as well, tale of two inaugurations, and with bush 43, media sneers and obama, the media cheers. and how the kids are dressing and contrast to 2005 inaugural eight short years ago, and discussion was money spent on the inaugural, cutting into the poor and the iraq war et cetera, et cetera. and mr. rothman completely nailed the sense of bias and i absolute him in his efforts. >> jon: what about that, kirsten, do reporters not have memories? (laughter) >> that's a loaded question, no, i think there's a little bit of a double standard here. clearly, the economy is still in a bad place and you can't say that there are no longer poor people. and they're concerned about spending back when bush was president and should be concerned now. we did an interview earlier michael hastings, the rolling ston
. earlier this week, the subject caused an interesting exchange between press secretary jay carny and cnn jessica. >> i know you cahafe at the president is not very fond of work going up there and being co-factor. >> there is a such a long history of presidents going up there. >> well, oh, say they have people. >> i think that is a television program. go ahead. over our heads. >> west wing you know. anyway, go ahead. some may wonder if the media might be turnog the obama administration . snorks not a chance. where else are they going to go? the media may get testy with the president in his second term. they are beginning to believe at times there is not the transparency and we were all promised. but if you think that the main streamm media is suddenlyy become honest and objective critic of this administration, then please contact me. i have magnificent ocean front property in missouri i would love to sell you. the president is anything to be enaugusterated for second term. his motorcade will include one limo with a license play. taxation without representation . the slogan was endorsed an
the raid was going on between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., cnn no, coverage found. >> dana: "miami herald" did run it. >> kimberly: they are doing their job. >> greg: i keep thinking all the time there is no way in heck i would run for office. when i see who is in office, i'm definitely qualified. >> eric: at what they are up to? >> kimberly: the good news is the main stream media says there shouldn't consideration of this whatsoever. coming up, why are high school students reciting the "pledge of allegiance" to american flag in arabic. some don't like it. the school's principal is not backing down. that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪ mom's oven-baked tastes straight from the microwave. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce. marie callender's new comfort bakes. it's timto savor. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model ye
" interview with president obama and secretary of state clinton was so soft. on cnn last night, pirees morgan asked cbs steve croft why president obama keeps coming on "60 minutes." croft said, "i think it's a question of fairness. i think he knows that we are not going to play gotcha with him and he are not going to go out of our way to make him look bad or stupid and we'll let him answer the questions. news besters said of -- news busters said of that answer how proud folks at cbs must be where they have an environment that the president of the united states feels comfortable coming on their network without any concern he might be challenged and therefore look bad or stupid. atlantic panned the interview calling it embarrassing failure is that uncovered no new information, arguing the daily show's jon steb wart asks tougher questions. "there is something deeply wrong with american journalism when the host of a half-hour comedy show with a left-leaning audience easily outperforms an award-winning "60 minutes" correspondent." a 5-year-old boy in cape cod, massachusetts, faces a possible suspe
that members of a party wouldn't go on ms-nbc or here or cnn. if you think they are supposed to be dealing with ahmadinejad of iran but they are squabbling with the networks. >> he said, there are lots of republicans who would work with the democrats, but they are afraid of being punished by fox. there is a lot of significant difference between the republicans and the democrats on the hill. fox news has nothing to do with this. they have significantly different visions of how much government -- money the government should spend and how much it should tax. >> of course, there is the suggestion in the article that the democrats are more inclined to compromise. of course, i have held senator harry reid's fight to the fire on the budget business because unless he puts a budget on the table, there can't begin to be a discussion to compromise. so, you know -- he should call up senator reid and tell him to start compromising. >> the president has said that for a long time, said that he and the democrats are more willing to compromise, but somehow, the compromise doesn't happen. >> as they say, ne
on either msnbc or cnn and think what they're supposed to be, dealing with ahmadinejad or iran and yet, they're like getting into petty squabbles with networks. >> remember what the president said. he said there are lots of republicans who really would want to work with democrats, but they're just afraid of being punished by fox. well, the fact is that there's a lot of significant difference between republicans and democrats on the hill right now. fox news has nothing to do with it. they have significantly different visions of how much money the government should spend and how much it should tax. >> of course, there is a suggestion, article, democrats are more inclined to compromise and i've heard senator harry reid's feet to the fire on this whole budget business because unless he puts a budget on the table, there can't begin to be a discussion to compromise. so, you know, he should call up senator harry reid and tell him to start compromising. >> the president said that for a long time. that he and the democrats are more willing to compromise than the republicans, but somehow the compromis
. >> bill: absolutely. anderson cooper at cnn says he doesn't care. so what? and i'm sure a lot of americans feel the same way. making a big deal out of this. jennifer lopez says you have to prerecord some stuff because of slap back, which i don't really know what that is, but i assume that's the the venue isn't a good sound venue and that's why she did it. >> yeah, anderson's comment bothered me the most. i heard hillary clinton before the senate when she was asked about the benghazi raid about whether, you know at this point the administration was now saying indeed it was not a spontaneous uprising and her answer was what difference does it make? you know what difference it makes? is this why the public doesn't trust the government and this is why the public thinks that the moon landing was faked and this is why the public trust is declining in all of our institutions because we have been shown again and again that we're willing to accept lies simply to avoight the consequences of presenting reality. well, the best place to draw the line is at the small stuff. if we don't tolerate beyonce
's name is tom forman and he is an anchor and a reporter at cnn, for example. >> alisyn: well, okay. and brian gives me the segue. you're making it sound a little more hello, god, are you there, it's me, margaret. >> steve: did you read the letter. >> alisyn: i read the first one and how he describes some of the 1400 letters, he wrote one every single day of the president's administration. and he says, they're not as fn letters, but having a conversation and the president invited the american public to communicate with him and tom took him literally. mr. president, congratulations, watches you on the podium surrounded by hundreds of thousands of americans i could not help, but be inspired by the miracle of democracy and greatness of our nation, and a question for you, do you have any idea what you've gotten yourself into. i know you're busy today, but call when you can, regards, tom. >> every single letter. all of the letters signed off with call when you can. it's kind of weird na a reporter is writing to the president of the united states and expecting a call. >> yeah. >> but mayb
double speak out of washington, dc as usual. cnn, reporting report% of americans got their taxes raised with this little shenanigan they finished, and the headline is in increase in the payroll tax by 2%, and so everyone got that regardless of your tax bracket and. >> neil: when you see the shock of that -- a loud of people thought only the rich got hit and then this payroll tax was not renewed, and republicans and democrats agreed, not renewing it. they say i have less take home regardless. what do they do? >> i think one more time they feel like they got the shaft out of washington. people talking out of one side of their mouth and doing things out of the other side of their mouth. one more reason that congress and this administration continues to have dropping ratings with the public. as far also what you too physically and mechanically in your house, things you can control, is you have to be on the b word, be on the dreaded budget and have to absorb this extra milking that the government is giving -- >> neil: where the easiest areas to go after? you break down for
in a cnn interview last night that by inviting his organization into the white house, the administration was just checking a box so they could say they met with supporters of the second amendment. here's the n.r.a.'s official statement. "we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment while claiming that no policy proposals would be prejudiced, this task force spent most of its time on restrictions on lawful firearms owners. based on that, it does not sound like there is much common ground between the national rifle association and the white house." but the vice president indicated otherwise. he also says he thinks a great deal can be done without in any way impinging on the rights the second amendment guarantees. >> i committed to them i'd have these recommendations to them by tuesday. it doesn't mean it's the end of the discussion. but the public wants us to act. >> today at 2:15 the vice president will meet with members of the video gaming industry which signals a shift o
and to the point where their president, a member of the muslim brotherhood is being very public an interview on cnn planning to ask president obama personally about this, he wants him released and at minimum wants to know about his prison conditions and whether they can be improved and more humane because he's an old man. do you think any americans give a flying fig he's an old man and doesn't like his prison conditions? >> no, in fact, i agree with you. i think the only regret americans have is he's still alive. quite frankly. the president of the united states should not even consider or contemplate any type of request like this, which is why the president, i believe president obama should cut this short right now, say he's going to die in an american prison, under better conditions than anyone in an egyptian prison and all human rights requirements, end of discussion right then and there. >> megyn: why would they consider this? why, why would they consider doing this? >> perhaps they feel it's a show of good faith on our part, they want to set up better negotiations or better relations with mors
-ling about the other night doesn't ply to them. why the american people, why cnn, why the mainstream media is not asking the tough questions is surprising me. here's something you won't hear in the main media. here's how you defeat terrorism. take a hard stance on it. if you're not killed, you will be brought here, not given a lawyer, somebody like me, we'll water board you. i'm going to get the information and defeat you at your grass roots so you can't recruit because it is a lot less appealing to the people being recruited if they know they got somebody like me that's waiting for them when they get to america. otherwise, they're going to be recruited because you've got a president saying we need to retake our moral high ground. here's what i say: two to the body, one to the head. and then if you do survive, we're going to torture you -- i'm sorry -- and have to interrogate you until we get our answers. that's how you defeat terrorism. >>steve: well, put howard. let me ask you about this. in recent history, the only times an administration has left guys exposed, left guys behind w
security there. cnn reporter found a message from him weeks later in the burned out consulate. so look, this thing has been a cover-up. i'm sorry to tell you that probably the adoring media will now say, well, that chapter is over. well, it's not over for the families of those who have sacrificed needlessly, in my view, and it's not over because we are not changing our policies because we let this happen in libya and it continues to happen. >> steve: indeed. meanwhile, let's switch to egypt now. couple of f-16s took off from fort worth yesterday and they had egyptian flags on the tails. this troubles a lot of people. morsi, the president there, led the muslim brotherhood and the israelis are terrified that one day those planes will be used against them. maybe. >> well, first of all, i don't think the israelis are terrified. they've proven quite often that some of the best -- maybe the second best pilots in the world or maybe equal to us are israeli pilots and equipment. but these were part of a deal that was made before morsi came to power. we have to examine all forms of aid being ext
named her foxy. here is our favorite. these pooches from arkansas watching cnn. how can you tell? they're asleep. [ laughter ] even though they're watching wolf blitzer. >> brian: you know you're tired if you're falling asleep on the guy next to you's butt. am i right iain? >> gretchen: what? okay. the election has been over for two months but president obama's reelection campaign getting ready for -- you're cracking yourself up. getting ready for its next assignment. correspondent james rosen, do you have any idea what brian just said? >> i do. i saw those dogs and i think he made an astute observation which leads me to suspect if it was really brian. good morning to you. and to our viewers. yeah. democrats who worked for the obama-biden reelection campaign will be descending on the washington hilton this coming sunday for what is billed as the obama legacy conference. there they will help launch this new pro-obama organization. it will be a 501-c 4. its goal will be rally popular support for the upcoming legislative battles. expected clashes with house republicans over gun control, i
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)